Loaded with work and to do lists. Multitasking is the need of hour but it comes with own challenges. The load of social, personal and professional life can be daunting for your brain. Feeling tired, demotivated and stressed about your performance.Here are few tips to sail through life struggles safely and effectively.

1. Making a to do for life? List down all the things you want to achieve. Give sufficient time to yourself and don’t rush while you writing it down.

2. Prioritizing your tasks. Check list for important and urgent tasks for you to achieve. Sort it on the scale of importance, motivation for achieving it, readiness to work on, time that you may need to achieve it, support/ sources required, impacts on you and your surroundings etc.

3. Check the overlaps. Make sure while prioritizing your list you are not overlapping the same with other things.

4. Get the planner. Set the timeline and follow your goals religiously. Consider a bird’s eye view to get a larger perspective on planning.

5. Be realistic about your plans. Do not forget to add buffer in you planner. This will be breather for you to prepare yourself and allow you for some research and get back to your plan.

6. Room for self. Remember to keep some time reserved for yourself. Self-improvement, refreshment is also important.

7. Get started. Get journal to track the progress and need of reworking.

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